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Iscrizione entro il 31 marzo

Da lunedě 8 luglio a venerdě 19 luglio – ROMA – Summer School

 “Parliamentary Elections and Democratic Accountability in the Age of Populism”


- 1st week “Challenges to representation? Democracy, elections and party competition in the XXIst century”

Monday 8 July:

11.00-12.30 - Giovanni Orsina (LUISS School of Government)

Opening lecture onPolitical legitimation and the evolution ofelectoral systems: the rise of anti-politics TBC

14.00-15.30 - Lorenzo De Sio (LUISS-CISE)

Lecture on A brave new world? Issues, party strategy and post-ideological party competition

Tuesday 9 July:

9.30-11.00 - Nicolas Sauger (Sciences Po-Paris)

Public policies and electoral choiceTBC

11.30-13.00 - Vincenzo Emanuele (LUISS-CISE)

Lecture on Electoral volatility and evolution of party systems in Europe

Wednesday 10 July:

9.30-11.00 – Sylvia Kritzinger (University of Vienna)

Lecture on Representation challenged: responsiveness, responsibility and populist parties

11.30-13.00 – Robert Bray (Former head of unit, Secretariat of the Legal Affairs Committee, European Parliament – European Law Institute)

Workshop on The verification of credentials of new members of parliament

Thursday 11 July:

9.30-11.00 – Romain Lachat (Sciences Po-Paris)

Lecture on Challenge to ideology and conflict mobilisation: party strategy innovation in post-crisis Europe

11.30-13.00 Workshop on The impact of electoral systems on parliamentary organization and procedures TBC

14.00 – Visit to the Chamber of Deputies TBC

Friday 12 July:

11.30-13.00 Closing lecture on The 2019 European elections as a turning point TBC

- 2nd week – “Electoral law, Parliaments, democratic principles: what role for non-majoritarian institutions?”

Monday 15 July:

11.30-13.00 - Marta Cartabia (Italian Constitutional Court and European Commission for Democracy through Law)

Opening lecture on Democratic principles, rule of law and international monitoring in Europe

14.00-15.30 - Olivier Rozenberg (Sciences Po-Paris)

Lecture on The place of parliamentarism in democratic theory today Parliament

16.00-17.30 - Maria José Martínez Iglesias (European Parliament)

Workshop on Legal issues and Court of Justice's case law on the European elections: a view from the European Parliament

Tuesday 16 July:

9.30-11.00 - Marco Armanno (University of Palermo)

Lecture on Voting rights in the age of political distrust

11.30-13.00 – Giuseppe Martinico (Sant’Anna Pisa)

Lecture on Elections and referendums at the time of populism

14.30-16.00 - Gonzalo Jorro Martínez (European Commission) and Renata Tardioli (EU-OSCE/ODIHR)

Workshop on Linking Election Observation to Electoral Assistance and Parliamentary Strengthening

Wednesday 17 July:

9.30-11.00 - Bob Watt (BA, BCL, PhD)

Lecture on Changing the laws on elections, the activity of Electoral Commissions and the role of international standards

11.30-13.00 - Lara Trucco (University of Genova) and Giovanni Piccirilli (LUISS)

Lecture on Electoral disputes: who is the arbiter and with which powers?

14.30 – 16.00 - Graziella Romeo (Bocconi University, Milan)

Lecture on The US Supreme Court and the problem of partisan gerrymandering

Thursday 18 July:

9.30-11.00 – Nicola Lupo (LUISS)

Lecture on Constitutional Courts and electoral legislation: the case of Italy

11.30-13.00 – Cristina Fasone (LUISS)

Lecture on The role of supranational courts in shaping electoral law

14.30 – Visit to the Italian Senate TBC

Friday 19 July:

9.30 – 12.00 Closing roundtable on Euroskepticism and the “new” European Parliament: what’s next after the 2019 vote? TBC

12.00-12.30 Commencement of diplomas

LUISS, School of Government, Rome

Jean Monnet Module and Summer Program on Parliamentary Democracy in Europe (8th ed.)

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